Renji Abarai has a stylized visor that doesn t seem to do anything but cover his tattoos and absurdly-styled hairline, but we see from his POV, they check if Ichigo s power is Over Nine Thousand. A side effect of their red lenses is that he cannot see red on a white background. The titular smurf-colored glasses from The Smurfs episode of the same name makes the Smurfs who wear them see all kinds of creatures, even dangerous ones, to be cute, handsome, and harmless ray gordon chat rooms. Apparently, Bob (of Kevyn of Schlock Mercenary has glasses that let him see outside the normal visible spectrum, discussed in this comic , as well as the ability to record and play back events. In a Season 1 episode of Warehouse 13: Volta s Lab Coat doesn t work until Claudia puts the goggles on properly.     Film — Animated  Professor Bomba from Epic has a self-made pair of goggles that allows him to see the Leafmne in slow motion. He can detect physiological changes to act as a lie detector, see stuff that s out of phase, tell you how hot something is, and so on. The eyepiece you wear in The Room game series is crucial to solving certain puzzles. It was one of the author s wackierfan theories. They re also used in conjunction with a footprint identification spray ray gordon chat rooms. Shino from Sword Art Online is a borderline case. Team Rocket (the ones we know and love) have binoculars that enable them to hear conversations over a mile away. Getting hobgoblin spit in the eye turned normal eyes Sighted, which made the viewer s own eyes the goggles that do something. One man tried on a pair of glasses with X-Ray Vision, allowing him to see through people s clothes (but not their underwear; this is on American TV, after all). They eventually get her to take them off, and at some point Princess Shine gives her a new, transparent pair sans the Scary Shiny GlassesShrinking Violet impression. Alternative Title(s): Spy Glasses, Goggles Do Something, Glasses Do Something Unusual, Eyewear Does Something Unusual :: Indexes ::Goggles Do Something Unusual Share Den Mother: Enough! It s time for me to pluck out your eyes! Razputin: Ha! You can t! That is the purpose of the goggles! — The more interesting twin to Goggles Do Nothing, this trope is for eyewear that does something other than what their mundane design purpose is. Space Pirate Mito: Not only do Mito s cutesy-looking oversized round glasses serve as head-up displays, they also conceal a powerful Eye Beams weapons system as well as a remote control for her spaceship. They also allow her to see inside the column, as it s pitch black otherwise.     Real Life  Night-Vision goggles and thermal imaging equipment, naturally. In the Revelation Space Series, goggles are used to generate augmented reality views for people that do not have cybernetics.     Web Original  In Shadow of the Templar, Jeremy Archer has a nifty pair of goggles that have a lot of technology suited for a thief.

    Western Animation  The Jetsons had an episode that had a whole slew of them. This does cause a bit of Fridge Logic, as Latias is the same size, but nobody bumps into the rest of her body. Subverted in It s Tough to be a Bug at Disney s California Adventure; Flik claims that the Bug Eyes (3D glasses) that guests are given make them honorary bugs. The Sisters from A Certain Magical Index are not as powerful as their elder sisterMikoto, so they can t see electrical currents. Side character Josie Gilman has to wear special nerd glasses to prevent her from seeing all of the Eldritch Abominations clawing around the interstices of our reality thanks to an ancient family curse. Or the occasional dimensional rift. They shoot electricity-looking beams to stimulate the light receptors that send information to the brain, and they make you see things like health and ammunition capacity, as well as the super-useful ability to mark enemies and locations of strategic importance. The dots are also an integral part of a puzzle involving the Cavefish, where Ben has to forcibly remove some of the dots to make the Cavefish lose track of the road and crash to their deaths. yet. In Supernatural, any piece of glass burned with Holy Oil lets you see the normally-invisible Hellhounds.     Film — Live-Action  The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension: The goggles that arrived in the big pink box for Buckaroo Banzai allowed him to see the hologram sent from the queen of the black Lectroids. s Chronicles Of The Pneumatic Zeppelin, Max has special reservoirs in her goggles, needed for her half-Martian eyes. Used in conjunction with a frequency-hopping Laser Sight. In Accelerando by Charles Stross, Manfred s sunglasses contain a vast amount of smart computing power, permanently connected to his thought patterns. The superheroine Geek Girl gets superpowers from a pair of glasses she won off a pair of nerds in a game of strip poker. But since Evasion and Accuracy are bugged in the original release (meaning that the Blind status has no actual effect), these Goggles Do Nothing. In Scooby-Doo glasses somehow allow her to see the sorts of things that Psycho Serum allows John and Dave to see. When one of the girls starts giving him a lapdance in Black Bra and Panties, our hero is woken up by his foreman on a construction site and told to get back to work. One let the wearer see the future. Another person s glasses erratically shoots Frickin Laser Beams; Hilarity Ensues. The VISOR also lets him see, when he s blind without it.

Torchwood has video-recording contact lenses, also with heads-up capability- the HUD images are actually transmitting directly into the retinal cortex.. Played with in the first Bayonetta game, Umbra Witches wear glasses and Lumen Sages wear monocles, and at first it seems that they do that so they can see angels and demons in Purgatorio. When Funky borrows a pair from one of them, it turns out that the goggles let him see through illusions. Technically this isn t the goggles doing something unusual, so much as them doing more of the usual: they re an aversion of Required Secondary Powers. An episode of The Planet From Outer Space, which has a group of astronauts about to suffocate from space air leaking in to a ship, until they put on goggles and resume breathing normally. It turns out polarized lenses make a certain very, very nasty poison gas visible. As we soon learn, said sunglasses also have the ability to remove the database from one s head, or even insert it onto an unsuspecting person. And on the other side of the fence, the Men In Black wear Sinister Shades with a variety of unexpected uses. The Spiderwick Chronicles had a seeing stone. Forget not-being-able-to-see because your screen is cracked (But there is the small downside of you being totally freaked out if this was actually explained in the user s manual). The Cavefish gang in Full Throttle wear special goggles to shield their sensitive, cave-dwelling eyes from sunlight, making them effectively blind. Soldier: 76 of Overwatch has a Tactical Visor that allows him to auto-aim at targets within his field of vision for about 10 seconds as his Ultimate Ability.     Web Comics  In El Goonish Shive, Tedd s glasses have a variety of functions, and they also make him look less girly. Except he doesn t - the glasses are just glasses, and the Stat-O-Vision is all from memory. Special custom-designed goggles were used in a series of experiments about visual processing in the brain. Witch Hunter s Ryu Hwan has a rather stylish pair that allows him to track sources of mana. One story in DC s Unexpected anthology series revolved around a man who picked up the wrong glasses from his optometrist. Although thanks to Informed Equipment, if you remove them on the equipment screen she s still drawn with them, turning it into Goggles Do Nothing. In The Room Mobile Game , the eyepiece can let you see into different dimensions. They turn up again in Ace Attorney Investigations, too.

They also double as helping him disguise his identity as ex-Overwatch Commander Jack Morrison, although that s likely just a bonus. .

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